Welcome to Creative V Crafts! There have been a lot of changes since the end of last school year. (Understatement of the year!) Despite having to close the craft  studio, we are still open for business. Creative V Crafts is now offering virtual classes and craft kits.  Our goal is to help foster creativity, especially during times like these. Currently no school vouchers are accepted for Creative V Crafts. All classes require preregistration and prepayment. 

Enrichment Classes 

Intro to Cricut (Virtual)- $125/Student per Session

Ages 11-18

This semester we have partnered with a local homeschool curriculum store, A Brighter Child, to offer this class. Classes are offered Mondays 10:00am-11:30am for four weeks. Each student will use their own designs to complete three projects during the course. Registered students will receive a kit with a Cricut pen, sticker paper, and cardstock. Prepayment and registration are required. Vouchers accepted and must be ordered for and through A Brighter Child. 

Session 2: 09/28-10/19

Session 3: 10/26-11/16

To register child directly, click here.





Craft Kits

We are excited to offer craft kits. They are currently seasonal and holiday themed. Each kit is designed and created in-house. Many hours of planning, trial and error, and thoughtful consideration are involved. We want to ensure kits are engaging, fun, and incorporate imagination and creativity. 


Halloween Craft Kit $25 (Includes Taxes and Shipping)

To purchase, click here.   










Custom Creations

In addition, we offer custom creations. From birthday decorations/ideas to custom gifts for yourself or a loved one, we can help. 


Guest Focused

Prodiving a guest-focused experience is our goal. The best part is watching each unique project unfold. We look forward to serving you.


Would you like to discuss a custom creation? Or just have a general question? Get in touch.

Creative V Crafts is licensed and insured.


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