Welcome to Creative V Crafts! There have been a lot of changes since the end of last school year. (Understatement of the year!) Despite having to close the craft  studio, we are still open for business. Creative V Crafts is now offering virtual classes, craft kits, digital bundles, and more.  Our goal is to help foster creativity, especially during times like these. Currently no school vouchers are accepted for Creative V Crafts. All classes require preregistration and prepayment. 


Guest Focused

Providing a guest-focused experience is our goal. The best part is watching each unique project unfold. We look forward to serving you.


Would you like to discuss a custom creation? Or just have a general question? Get in touch.

Creative V Crafts is licensed and insured.

Virtual Classes
Virtual classes are offered for children and adults.
Offer enrichment classes for homeschooled children. Take a class yourself.
Seasonal/Holiday Craft Kits
Our craft kits are designed and made in-house. Many hours of trial and error went into the development. These are designed for engagement, creativity, and to enjoy. Suitable for a range of ages.
Digital Bundles
You do not have to rely on your own imagination for the next family activity. We have designed each bundle to include an assortment of activities and games. Because they are digital, you can even have a digital game night. These are also great for classroom activities.
Digital Cut Files (SVG)
Get your craft on with these custom SVG files. They are designed for use with the Cricut but may work with other die cutting machines.
Seasonal Stickers and Stationery
Write letters to loved ones and adorn with stickers. Collections are based on season and/or holiday. The stationery is digital so you can print as needed.
Customized Creations
Do you have a unique gift in mind? We love making custom creations. Many of them can be personalized. Reach out to discuss your request.
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