Welcome! I am Veronica, or V. Creative V Crafts was just an idea for a while. My professional background of retail and insurance provided the skills necessary to run a successful business.  It was years of heartbreak due to a chronic condition that was the catalyst to start. Throughout my journey, arts and crafts provided a much needed outlet. It also enhanced focus, calm, and ingenuity.


Recalling the periods where I thrived the most, it always involved creativity. From an imaginative childhood home, to art-centric elementary school, to designing elaborate middle-school dances, this was the foundation of my youth. I bring the  culmination of a lifetime's experience with arts and crafts. 

Creativity is the legacy I am leaving to my daughter and son. You will often find us hanging out at the craft studio. My daughter (receptionist as she likes to be called) is a wonderful assistant. She does many of the tasks for running the studio joyfully. My 3 year old son loves "his craft studio" time as well. 

A couple fun facts: Planning and implementing projects for students/guests make me giddy. There are more ideas than can ever come to .  I much prefer an array of acrylic paint splatters on my nails to nail polish. I find inspiration everywhere and love all things creative. Aside from crafting, my passions include family, nature,and helping others.


Providing a space to create is truly a blessing. It is an honor to share this passion project with you. We look forward to serving your family. Thank you for choosing Creative V Crafts!

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