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Sweet Childhood Memories

As my daughter and I were cuddling this morning, we were able to have a cherished conversation. We just basked in each other's presence. It is wonderful to envelope my daughter in my arms and share our first thoughts of the day. These moments with both children are treasured.

Talking about my daughter's toys was reminiscent of mine. I shared how my favorite stuffed toys, Raggedy Anne and Babs Bunny, spent many a day exploring my living room. One day they were astronauts on a space voyage. Another day they may have been on some type of grand adventure like Indiana Jones. They were tossed up to the ceiling doing multiple flips as gymnasts.

In fact, with or without stuffed toys, our living room was transformed. There was no end to the possibilities. Guided by our imagination, we went from one extraordinary world to the next. We would pretend we were inside a video game or make a silly game using a rolled-up sock. Many a time my siblings and I would alternate doing our best movie character impressions. Dad would even join in the fun sometimes; he would kneel and walk with shoes on his knees. Sometimes he would pretend like he was walking down a flight of stairs.

Our mom fostered our imagination and creativity in other ways. I have fond memories of wearing garbage bag aprons or old tshirts before art. As Mom covered the table with newspaper, we anxiously awaited. With paint set up we delved right in. We were free to create to our heart's pleasure. Even clean up was fun because that meant your masterpiece was complete. With multi colored hands and the fresh smell of paint, we helped clear the table. A few minutes later there was no evidence of the imaginative venture.

My daughter and I also talked about Santa Claus. Seven year-olds are inquisitive and have great deductive reasoning skills. She asked if Santa is real. I told her that a real man named St. Nicholas lived long ago. He would deliver toys to needy, orphaned boys and girls. I told her that his spirit lives on in all of us. Christmas reminds us to embrace the spirit of giving on a bigger scale. I also tell her that there is magic. Santa needs lots of helpers to make the season so bright.

I do hope my children have magical childhoods; full of wonder and fanciful escapades. Maybe one day they will recount their own sweet childhood memories with my grandchildren.

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