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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I am a fabulous fall foliage fanatic! (My husband has added that to his 'Reasons Why You're Un-fun List') Perhaps it is because I grew up in the desert with a distinct lack of the fiery hues. I do appreciate the desert's unique beauty more as an adult. Anyway, ahh! Trees! Stepping outside on a chilly fall day while greeted by the vibrant shades is so refreshing. For me, it is a time of reflection and learning to embrace shedding the old to make room for the new. Not only are they beautiful, but their energy is incredibly inspiring. As a craft business owner and instructor, inspiration is a must.

When teaching a craft class or hosting a craft party, I let the season set the tone. My crafts this time of year are all things fall. From shadowboxes to scarecrows, they all incorporate different aspects of autumn. Since I serve children 4-17 in my classes, taking account different developmental stages is important. The first student I had was a kindergartener. I was trying to think of a simple yet somewhat challenging craft. Inspiration came from the no-sew snowman. It is basically that with a twist. You can download/print the turkey template or freehand the pieces. Follow along below to make your own no-sew turkey. It is great as a host(ess) gift or centerpiece. Enjoy!


Turkey template

2 Rubberbands

Cardboard, cardstock, or construction paper


Beads or googly eyes


Glue gun

Glue sitck


Rice or dry beans




1. Cut the sock diagonally across the ankle. You will now have two sections. Keep the foot and set aside the other half.

2. Fill the foot with rice (or beans), leaving about 1/4-1/2" at the top.

3. Rubberband the top.

4. Shape the sock into two halves with a bigger bottom and then rubberband. This will serve as a sturdy base.

5. Draw or trace and cut out feathers, hat, feet, and beak. Can trace onto cardboard, cardstock, or construction paper. I recommend cardboard as it will be the most durable. The template calls for 7 feathers, but 13 makes a fuller tail.

6. Paint the feathers. This is optional. You can just use colored paper or color the cardboard.

7. Glue feathers to semi-circle, glue on beak and feet, assemble hat.

8. If using ribbon, glue to assembled hat. It is easiest to glue one side of ribbon at a time. Be sure to pinch and glue corners or it will be crooked.

9. Glue hat, feathers, and eyes (beads, googly eyes; etc) to body.

10. Have fun making it your own!

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