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Snowy Birch Shadow Box

Brr! The tail end of winter has unleashed record snow and low temps. Living as a “flatlander” we rarely see snow in the valley. Mind you, I do not envy the person dealing with feet of snow on a daily basis. We just enjoy a day trip. My family have made plans for snowdays only to have them foiled by, well, snow. Both highways were either shut down or had 8-10 hour delays, one due to avalanche potential. Drat! Hopefully we can make it up there closer to April. So, if like me, you would like to capture the essence of a winter wonderland, this project is for you . Follow the easy steps for your own snowy birch shadow box.


Wooden canvas

White and black acrylic paint


12" Long wooden dowels

10ct Battery operated mini LED lights

Epsom Salt

School glue

Small bowl (for salt)

Small scoop or spoon

2 Paintbrushes- 1 for wider brush strokes and one for fine details

Glue gun and sticks

Water cup

Deer or other desired ornament that fits on the bottom ledge of frame.



1. Flip sign/canvas over to use frame. This give the piece dimension, thus creating a shadow of the objects placed inside.

2. Cut tips off wooden dowels so they fit vertically inside frame.

3. Paint each dowel white.

4. Once dry, paint on black circles and horizontal lines. This will mimic the birch tree effect.

5. Paint entire wooden canvas white. Tip: Following the wood grain and brushing only one coat of white will give more of a rustic look.

6. Glue "birch trees" vertically on

inside of frame, placing some at a slight angle to make them

more realisitic.

7. Remove tags from ornament and glue in place. I value symmetry, so mine is in the middle. It would look just as great off center.

8. Pour a little epsom salt into bowl. Draw vertical line on a couple trees with school glue or hot glue

and sprinkle salt over.

9. Build up mounds of "snow" by piling hot glue around/underneath ornament, working in sections. While glue is still warm, sprinkle epsom salt on piles. Repeat wherever you would like the snow.

10. Determine placement of lights and battery pack, making sure battery compartment and switch are accessible. Glue in place. Install batteries and turn on.

Voila! Your shadow box is complete. Feel free to make it your own by changing, color, style, theme;etc. Unleash your inner creative!

Share your shadow box on Instagram @creativevcrafts.

Take care.

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