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Gratitude Journal

Fall here in the US marks the season of gratitude. Afterall, that is what our biggest national holiday before Christmas is about. Often times, it begins the most stressful time of year. Shorter days, increased familial pressures, and commercial consumerism at an all time high. Perhaps we can take a cue from nature and use this time to reflect, slow down, and savor this season. We are a force of nature, lest we forget. Take some time to ponder what you are grateful for as you make your journal. 

This gratitude journal is made from many items you may have at home. It is has been popular at my parties and classes. It is my version of a journal I created as a child at summer school. That journal, made from similar materials, is still here after 20+ years. Below I have reverse-engineered the process. Be resourceful and creative as you make it your own. 




Nail or screw

26 Pieces scrapbook, printer, or construction paper

Hole punch



Hot glue gun 

Hot glue sticks

Yarn needle 

Paper cutter




Wooden letters/numbers



Other embellishments 


1. Cut cardboard to desired size.

2. Fold cardboard in half, lining up edges as much as possible. Pinch fold to make spine. 

2. Cut paper small enough to fit inside cardboard book without sticking out. Would recommend no more than 26 pages, otherwise may be too thick. .

3. Mark  holes for thread on cardboard, enursing they are evenly spaced. 3-5 holes is a good number.

4. Push nail/screw through marking to make holes.

5. Line up paper on cardboard and mark holes. 

6. Punch the holes in paper, doing a few at a time. 

7. Lay fabric pattern-side down. Place cardboard on top and trace outline onto fabric. Add one inch to each side of outline and cut. 

8. Measure a piece of twine about 6 times longer than the length of folded cardboard. Cut.

9. Thread needle.

10. Plugin glue gun.

11. Cut cardstock slightly smaller than paper.


1. Place cardboard on table, spine-side down. Align paper over cardboard holes.

2. Loosely sew pages and carboard together in a back-front, front-back motion. This ensures the knots will be covered by fabric and pages will turn freely.Adjust tension as necessary.

4. Cut off excess twine and tie knot. Ideally, both knots should be on spine.

3. Place fabric with the pattern down. Center opened journal on fabric.

4. Glue fabric along bottom of cardbaord, lifting the pages slightly so fabric is flat. 

5. Fold and glue bottom corners as if wrapping gift. 

6. Repeat on all sides, making sure folds are tight. 

7. Glue cardstock on inside of each cover, centered over fabric.

8. Adorn your journal with stickers, ribbon, and other fun things. 

9. Enjoy! 

Thank you for following along! I would love to see your gratitude journals. Share on instagram @creativevcrafts.

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